ArkPak Portable Power Pack with Charger and Bracket

 ArkPak Portable Power Pack with Charger and Bracket

  • Add a standard 12V marine or RV battery to the ArkPak to create a portable power pack with up to 130ah of capacity
  • Built-in 150W inverter provides standard 120VAC power for cell phone chargers, laptops, and most standard camping refrigerators
  • Two built-in 12V sockets provide power to most 12V appliances as well as cell phone car chargers, portable coolers, and more
  • Includes a 6 amp, 7 stage smart charger and battery management display that indicates battery charge status, remaining capacity, and current voltage.
  • Using the included 12V car charger, the ArkPak can be used as a secondary battery for your vehicle (dual battery system)

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The ArkPak now comes with both the 12V car charger/adapter and the quick release mounting brackets. The ArkPak is a battery box that turns a standard 12V deep-cycle battery into a portable power pack.

Using the built-in 150 watt inverter, USB charging port, and 12V accessory ports, the ArkPak can be used to power a camp site, recharge your electronics during a power outage, or even power a LCD television at your next tailgating party. When used with a high capacity deep-cycle battery, the ArkPak can provide 120V and 12V power anytime, anywhere, for days (depending on what you’re powering of course). The ArkPak can be recharged from a standard 120V power outlet or (with the included 12V car charger) a standard 12V vehicle accessory port. The ArkPak can also be recharged with solar panels. The ArkPak includes a 50amp Anderson plug for recharging as well.

About the battery: The ArkPak does not come with a proprietary battery pack. You are free to use almost any standard 12V lead-acid battery group 31 or smaller in your ArkPak. Gel, AGM, Calcium, or “wet” lead-acid batteries are all compatible. To maximize the life of your battery, Ark recommends that you use a zero maintenance deep-cycle marine or RV battery with the ArkPak.

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